IT Inova is a software and consulting company operating in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We provide industry specific solutions and products in SAP software, which is our niche experience. The cost of our solutions is reduced compared to building a new solution from scratch.

An integrated approach is also very important to us. The solutions we develop should be integrated and able to work with the customer`s existing software infra-structure of the customer. We believe effective management requires integrated reports, which are extracted from the integrated IT info-structures.

Doing better is our obligation to our customers. We provide solutions using the latest technology and keep these solutions updated according to new technology and customer/industry requirements.

Industry specific solutions which are driven by big consulting companies are governed by their industrial experts and marketing departments. These are mostly sales and consultancy oriented companies. Employee turnover and working in different industries have a negative effect on their industrial solutions and know-how. IT Inova is a solution and product oriented company: therefore we can manage our solutions, products and know-how better with a vertical industrial business.